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If someone has an expensive car doesn’t mean they have a valuable car. There’s a huge difference between a good and a useful car. Features make a great difference. If you are planning to buy one, you must be aware of the ideal qualities of the vehicle to get the best returns. You are at the right place to know this as we will help you to buy the essential ones from a long list of choices.

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Our personal security is becoming a prime concern due to increasing random terrorist attacks, violence on streets, social injustice, crime, and many other reasons. There is no refusal of the fact that all these issues are contributing to alarming safety issues for everyone. People find themselves unsafe while traveling on the road. Regardless of the status, these offenses can attack all – rich people, politicians, officials, executives, businessmen, celebrities etc. This is the reason why the armored car industry is becoming very popular and a huge increase in buyers of security vehicles has been reported in a recent survey.

More and more people are taking action for their security and investing in the armoring process. You might have seen these cars in movie scenes and these are now becoming an important part of our reality. Companies like Aurum Security are some of the examples that are leading the wave for armored vehicles and helping people for an easy escape in threatening situations. These vehicles keep the occupants or any valuable thing in the car safe without causing any harm. If you haven’t given your safety a thought, you must rethink about it. Armored vehicles can help you remain safe when you are away from your home.

Armored Vehicle

You won’t believe but armored vehicle fascinates a lot of people who think of safety a priority. Increasing popularity of armored vehicles has given many people the thought of creating safeguard on their cars and lives. No matter you live in a safe or a violence prone area, you need to armor your car. If you have not thought about protecting your car yet, you must do it. Below is a set of facts to improve your knowledge-base about an armored vehicle.

The first armored vehicle was introduced in 1485:

It was a turtle-shaped vehicle protected by cannons mounted. It was designed to provide complete 360-degree protection to cover from any violent activity. Though it was an armored vehicle, it did not become very popular due to many flaws. It was considered useless for any war.

Armored Lexus

Don’t know what an armored vehicle is? No worries! We’ll get you a short and informative overview!

An armored vehicle has a reinforced structure that is designed to give protection from many severe attacks. From high profile individuals to normal civilians, many people prioritize their safety and prefer an armored vehicle. Now, if you have a luxurious car like Lexus 570, you can armor it to drive safely from one place to another. Below is a short overview of things your car can do when you armor it through an agency like Aurum Security:

Armored Car

The armored car industry has made a significant transformation in the last 20 years. It has made a great contribution to save thousands of lives worldwide. Many people think that they don’t really need an armored car. Well, the world is not always safe, especially for people holding special positions in specific domains. For them, traveling without full protection is a big risk.

If you, too, are one of these people with special privilege, consider the safety around. Below are some important points you should take into consideration before purchasing an armored vehicle:

Know Your Protection Needs: First of all, you must decide on the level of security required. You may find a range of armored cars consisting of different ballistic standards that meet diverse safety measures from B1 to B7 protection levels.

Armored Lexus

Are you planning to buy an armored vehicle for personal use? We understand the world is not safe anymore and it is risky to travel from one place to another. If you are a VIP person, celebrity, professional athlete, government official or just an executive, armored vehicles are essential for your personal safety, especially if you are living in a place known for organized crimes, terror attacks, and violence. Therefore, it become necessary for you to understand more about armored cars and how safe you will be in a VPAM VR 10 protection level vehicle.

Understanding VPAM VR 10

It is the latest European standard for armored vehicles. VPAM has replaced the old classification system used in the armored industry – B1-B7. VPAM VR 10 is the next level after B7. “VR” means Vehicle Resistance, i.e. the complete vehicle was certified. Only the certification, during which the whole vehicle is subjected to ballistic and blast tests, gives guarantee that the vehicle is really secure.

Armored Toyota Land Cruiser

When thinking about an armored vehicle with the highest level of protection, people often imagine a rolling fortress tank. With advancements in weapons and ammunition and increasing violence across the world, it has become a necessity to use the most protected armored car for your transit. Today, it does not matter, whether you are a businessman, government executive or a professional, you need an armored vehicle if you are living in a conflict zone or work in a high-risk profile. However, it is vital to understand that not all armored vehicles are created equal. There are different protection levels which offer different ballistic and blast protection.

The level of safety that you will get as a passenger in your armored vehicle depends on various factors, including the company that manufactured your vehicle, VPAM level, safety features you asked them to include, and your budget.

Armored Vehicle Manufacturer

Do you know 1.2 billion armored vehicles are on roads now, which is expected to increase to 2 billion by 2035? That's a huge number, right? Armored vehicles at first glance look quite similar to normal cars, but Toyota LC200/Lexus LX570 VPAM VR10 vehicles have the protection level of military ones and provide the comfort and look of a civilian car.

Top armored vehicle manufacturers design vehicles with strong capabilities, protection, and technologies to beat threats and damages from external sources like firing, explosives, and armor-piercing bullets. They are safe and secure and can withstand extreme condition. Here is what makes armored vehicles more secure than normal cars:

1. Ballistic Armor Parts

Aurum Security, the armored vehicle manufacturer in the world known to produce the most protected civilian vehicles, uses Ultra High Hardness (UHH) steel for producing armored parts. The UHH alloy steel is known to break the projectile core of armor-piercing bullets and provide effective protection to the passengers inside the car. The UHH steel has an impressive deformation capability and resistance to multiple impacts.

Armored Lexus

Are you scared that someone will attack you someday? Do you feel threatened due to the increasing turmoils in the outside world? Then without giving a second thought make sure you have an armored car for yourself. With the rapid increase in the usage of deadly weapons, there has been a skyrocketing demand for armored vehicles. From business personnel, government employees, celebrities and military officials, people and businesses have understood the importance of having armored cars in their fleet.

Germany-based Aurum Security's armored Lexus LX570/Toyota LC200 is designed in such a way that it provides complete safety and security to the passengers inside to the protection level VPAM VR10 (B7+).

Suitable & Safe for All Trips - Armored cars are the safest and most suitable option for transporting important persons and valuables from one place to another. In fact, the high-level of armoring that is implemented into the vehicle makes it easy for transportation in high-risk zones. Ideally, all trips do not require the use of armored cars instead, it solely depends on the scenario where you’re heading to.

Armored German Vehicle

When planning to buy a new car, one thought that pops up in the mind of politicians, diplomats, government officials and businessmen whether they should buy a regular vehicle or an armored one. Well, both of them serves the purpose of transporting an individual or goods from one place to another; however, armored German vehicles provide the highest protection to the occupants from any kind of ballistic and blast attacks. They are multi-functional vehicles frequently used by companies and individuals to transport precious or valuable items and even large amounts of cash.

But Why Armored Cars?

The world is constantly facing various levels of threats and so are the high reputed individuals from the terrorist groups or from the anti-social elements. The people who deal with such threats include politicians, government officials, celebrities, and important dignitaries. In order to protect their lives and move safely from one place to another, they use armored vehicles for their transportation.