Armored Lexus

Are you scared that someone will attack you someday? Do you feel threatened due to the increasing turmoils in the outside world? Then without giving a second thought make sure you have an armored car for yourself. With the rapid increase in the usage of deadly weapons, there has been a skyrocketing demand for armored vehicles. From business personnel, government employees, celebrities and military officials, people and businesses have understood the importance of having armored cars in their fleet.

Germany-based Aurum Security's armored Lexus LX570/Toyota LC200 is designed in such a way that it provides complete safety and security to the passengers inside to the protection level VPAM VR10 (B7+).

Suitable & Safe for All Trips - Armored cars are the safest and most suitable option for transporting important persons and valuables from one place to another. In fact, the high-level of armoring that is implemented into the vehicle makes it easy for transportation in high-risk zones. Ideally, all trips do not require the use of armored cars instead, it solely depends on the scenario where you’re heading to.

Buy Always a New One - If you’ll conduct a market search, you’ll get to know that the automotive industry is witnessing a huge demand for armored vehicles. It is recommended to always buy a new armored car for yourself as you don't know the history of the used armored car. A new armored vehicle is always safer than a used one.

Look for the Ballistic Standards - While thinking of buying an armored car to include in your fleet, make sure it has been certified e.g. to the protection level VPAM VR 10 (B7+) – the highest protection level for civilian vehicles, which covers all soft-core and most armor-piercing bullets.

Conduct an in-depth Study of Glass - When you’re looking into so many aspects, don’t forget to conduct an in-depth study of the glasses used in your armored car. These are special glasses that are made by combining regular glass and polycarbonate layers, but they have relevant optical properties like the regular glasses. These glasses are lighter and can withstand hard-core bullets and Kalashnikov's armor piercing bullets.

The armored cars look no different than the regular cars from outside. An armored car like armored Lexus assures to protect you and your journey from various threats, while providing your comfort and luxury.