Armored Car

The armored car industry has made a significant transformation in the last 20 years. It has made a great contribution to save thousands of lives worldwide. Many people think that they don’t really need an armored car. Well, the world is not always safe, especially for people holding special positions in specific domains. For them, traveling without full protection is a big risk.

If you, too, are one of these people with special privilege, consider the safety around. Below are some important points you should take into consideration before purchasing an armored vehicle:

Know Your Protection Needs: First of all, you must decide on the level of security required. You may find a range of armored cars consisting of different ballistic standards that meet diverse safety measures from B1 to B7 protection levels.

Consider The Cost of Ownership: After a period of time, the vehicle may require repairing or other kinds of maintenance. Armored cars include run-flat tires, reinforce bumpers, luxurious interiors, flashing warning lights, special brakes an engines, and many other features. At some point, these may require repairing and you will have to bear the expenses. Besides, many parts of the car may not function as they used to do earlier. Consider the total cost of ownership before making a final decision of buying the car.

Consider Other Cars In The Same Class: You may not stick to a particular type as the security features and models keep changing with the price. Armored car manufacturers, like Aurum Security, provide a wide range of armored vehicles for civilian use. Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 200 VPAM 7/9 or VPAM VR 10 and Armored Lexus 570 VPAM 7/9 or VPAM VR 10 are two top-selling armored SUVs among reputed businessmen and government officials. You can simply check out the range of cars available with us and find the one which matches your standard and requirement.

Set Up a Test Drive: Don’t get into a hurry when you decide to invest in an armored car. This is going to be long-term and also an important investment in your life. So, it is important to take time and research for the best option. You can contact the manufacturer and ask for a test drive. If you come to Aurum Security's facility located in Germany and ask for the same, our experienced professionals will help you with all kinds of questions and doubts that you have in your mind. This will help you get you a clearer picture.