• LEXUS 570 VPAM9 1
  • LEXUS 570 VPAM9 2
  • LEXUS 570 VPAM9 3
  • LEXUS 570 VPAM9 4
  • LEXUS 570 VPAM9 1
  • LEXUS 570 VPAM9 2
  • LEXUS 570 VPAM9 3
  • LEXUS 570 VPAM9 4

Aurum Security GmbH produces the most protected civilian vehicles in the world; Aurum Security was the first and the only company that certified Toyota LC200/Lexus LX 570 with the highest level of protection for civilian vehicles - VRAM VR10. This protection level is normally possible only for military vehicles.

“VR” means that complete vehicle has been tested and certified, and not only the materials used.

So VPAM VR 10 means that complete vehicle was tested and certified to the level VPAM 10, this is the next level after B7

  • Complete vehicle is certified (VR-Certification)
  • Blast protection: side blast up to 120 kg TNT, 2 hand grenades on the roof, 2 hand grenades under the floor
  • Ballistic protection VPAM 9 (B7)
  • Ballistic protection of the battery, air filter and the Electronic Control Unit (ECU), protection level VPAM 7 (B6+)
  • Included options: all four windows are operable, automatic dead bolts, digital lock of the luggage compartment, etc.
  • Despite the level of protection most of the standard features are preserved, including A/C, windshield defogger, AHC, etc.
  • Hinges milled from a single piece of steel tested to hold the doors even during the blasts. No sagging guaranteed
  • Gas shocks absorbers on all doors to facilitate opening and closing
  • Homologated heavy-duty suspension, tested and certified for the increased weight
  • Homologated heavy-duty brake system. Please note we install six-piston (front) and four-piston (rear) calipers
  • The interior of the vehicles is completely redesigned and is upholstered with premium materials
  • Manually operable emergency exit
  • Luggage compartment completely armored
  • Curb weight 4300 kg (some 300 kg lighter than average on the market)

Delivery time: The vehicle is ready for delivery

Made in Germany

180 000.00 EUR

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