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Armored Nissan Patrol is considered to be a number one vehicle in the off-road world. Nissan Patrol is a fifth generation of legendary four-wheel drive with five doors SUV, manufactured from 1950. Aurum Security's Armored Nissan Patrol is a fully modernized сar, both inside and outside. Today Armored Nissan is not just a SUV, but a real example of high status, comfort and luxury vehicle. Equipped with new petrol engine V8 with capacity 5,6 liters Armored Nissan Patrol preserved it's unique character.

Moreover Aurum Security 's Armored Nissan Patrol vehicle provides protection against different types of weapon, thus armored according to VPAM 7 level of protection it can be increased up to VPAM 11. For armoring protection we use not only certified bullet-proof glass, but our entire cars after armoring pass the VR Certification. Thus, premium designs incorporated in armored parts were created with the help of modern CAD/CAM applications.

Royal and impressive in front and dynamic from behind, certified Armored Nissan Patrol car has massive but at the same time sound construction. Chrome plated door handles, window frames and side air intakes, distinct forms of bumpers, xenon headlamps – all this are making Nissan Patrol not only a safe vehicle to move in dangerous situations but also a worthy car to be proud of.

This protection level is normally possible only for military vehicles, yet our vehicles retain comfort and inconspicuous look of civil SUVs. Please refer to the ballistic protection charts and blast protection charts for more details.

Attention! Beware of fakes - if you are not sure if the vehicle being offered to you by a third party has been produced by Aurum Security please send us the VIN code of the vehicle and we will double check that for you.

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Ballistic protection:

  • Opaque areas including the roof provide protection according to VPAM APR 2006, level 7 / CEN 1522 FB6 and FB5 — all wide-spread soft core bullets 5.56 (including SS109), 7.62 and 9 mm, from any angle (not only 45° or 90° as per BRV 1999)
  • All transparent areas have thickness 58 mm and provide protection according to VPAM APR 2006, level 8 / STANAG 4569, protection level 2 — multiple shots of all soft-core bullets 5.56, 7.62 and 9 mm and also armor-piercing bullets 7.62×39 (Kalashnikov BZ), from any angle (including 90°)

Blast resistance:

  • 15 kg TNT at 2 m distance from the side of the vehicle, elevation 1 m
  • 3 × DM51 grenades under the floor
  • 3 × DM51 grenades on the roof
  • DM31 (anti-personnel mine) under the floor


True CEN 1063:B6 protection including SS109 bullet (not provided by standard armor steel 6.5 mm). For that reason our vehicles are higher in protection than other equivalent in standard vehicles.

Premium design of armoring steel parts by modern CAD software.

We utilize European armor steel which is cut by laser and not by plasma, which prevents overheating of the steel, resulting in ballistic gaps.

We utilize European bullet-proof glass that has been tested at full temperature range and not only at +20° Celsius as required by the European certification procedure.

Hot-formed firewall made from one piece of armor steel. This is the only way to protect vehicle occupants from the blast under the front wheel.

All air bags and the A/C system remain fully functional.

The vehicle performance is supported by heavy duty suspension, and upgraded brake system.

Convenient opening of the 5th door.

Brakes & Suspension

To maintain driving dynamics and maneuverability of the vehicle, we replace the OEM suspension and brakes with specially designed to handle the new weight of the vehicle.


Heavy duty wheels "18" with run-flat inserts, loading capacity 1.600 kg per wheel, certified by German TÜV. Our run-flat system fully meets the requirements of FINABEL 2.0. It allows driving after puncture or blow up of the tires for the distance up to 50 km with a speed up to 80 Km/h.


  • Radiator protection
  • Full protection of engine compartment
  • Police siren, communication equipment, winch, etc.


Type 7-speed AT with manual mode
Gear ratios 1st 4.887 – 2nd 3.170 – 3rd 2.027 -4th 1.412 -5th 1.000 -6th 0.864 -7th 0.775 -rev. 4.041
Final Gear Ratio 3.357
Transfer ratio 4L 2.679
Mounting Longitudinal
Displacement (cc) 5552
Bore x Stroke (mm) 98.0 x 92.0
Max. Power (kW) 298 (400 bhp) / 5800 rpm
Max. Torque (Nm) 560 / 4000 rpm
Compression Ratio 10.8
Induction Naturally aspirated
Fuel System Direct Fuel Injection
Booster Hydraulic
Steering Curb to curb (m) 12.5
Wheels 18-inch alloy (18 x 8J)
Tires 265/70 R 18
Max speed (km/h) 210
Steering Rack and pinion, speed sensitive power steering
Suspension Independent double wishbone (with HBMC on (Ti & Ti-L))
Off-road ability
Approach angle (deg) 34.1
Departure angle (deg) 25.9
Ramp angle (deg) 24.1
Length (mm) 5140
Width (mm) 1995
Height (mm) 1940
Wheelbase (mm) 3075
Front track (mm) 1699
Rear track (mm) 1699
Ground clearance (mm) 283