Toyota is known for its powerful SUVs. We take this power and add safety for passengers or valuable assets. This combination creates a vehicle that meets the highest security standards and has the power to maneuver in difficult terrain.

Many of our clients choose an armored Toyota for the everyday use. The car blends in with any other vehicle on the street and does not draw any attention to it.

We always meet the highest standard

At Aurum Security we work with some of the best engineers of the industry. We design and manufacture the security vehicles and the entire remodeling process is in our hands. This way we can ensure that every part is of the best quality and that every step is monitored. Years of experience within the field of armored cars for civil and military use give us the advantage of knowing, what is possible and necessary. Armored Toyota vehicles have been part of our product-line for a long time and we come to know the cars very well. This is why we are able to fit every detail to perfection.

Special protection vehicles for every use

The demands on our cars are very widespread. Many of them are for private and corporate clients and are meant to protect passengers. An armored Toyota is a perfect car within this field. Especially the SUVs blend in on the street and are practical for the everyday use.

In our stock list you find a number of cars that are ready for purchase. If you are looking to get your own car remodeled or if you are looking for a type that is not in the list, please contact us. Note that not every car is suitable for the process.