Armored trucks – Security and power

Security vehicles have to perform at their best on a number of different levels. Next to high quality materials and modern technology that guarantees safety and protection the cars also need a powerful engine and have to be agile. Our armored trucks and armored SUVs provide exactly this. No matter if you are looking to protect passengers or goods, these security cars will meet your demands.

High level protection

You will find that our range of cars includes a number of trucks and SUVs. Many clients prefer these types to a smaller limousine. From the design up to the manufacturing of the security vehicles, the entire process is done in-house - we employ best engineers, secure a tight quality control management and use most modern technologies. All our materials and manufacturing methods are up the highest standards.

Armored SUVs for civil and military use

Not only private and corporate clients enjoy the quality of our armored cars. We offer special vehicles that can be used in war zones and that can provide protection even against anti-personnel and anti-tank mines. The mine resistant vehicle of our range presents itself as a SUV and does not draw unwanted attention to it.

In our product list you can find a number of already cars that we have armored already;trucks and SUVs from various car manufacturers and with a variety of features are listed here. If you do not find the vehicle you are looking for please contact us.