For generations Mercedes is providing its clients with high class cars that come nothing short of perfection. Powerful engines luxury interior and intelligent solutions that provide efficiency and comfort, are part of the Mercedes experience. Many of our clients prefer the cars of this well-known car manufacturer to any other vehicle, and this is also a reason why Mercedes is a very good choice for a base vehicle to be armored.

Bullet proof and luxurious

Armored vehicles based on Mercedes are often chosen for the protection of passengers in the private, corporate and political sector. The client is able to enjoy the safety of an armored vehicle without losing the comfort of a luxury car. The powerful engines and the solid body structure of the Mercedes provide a very good base to work with; it allows us to manufacture a car that is up to the highest safety and security standards.

Armored vehicles based on Mercedes on stock

We always offer a range of cars that are ready for purchase. We know that our clientele is very diverse and the demands on our vehicles are widespread. Our armored vehicles are used to protect lives as well as valuable assets. In our stock list you will find armored vehicles based on Mercedes limousines and minibuses - please check the cars in stock for further information.

Should you find that we do not have your preferred car on stock do not hesitate to contact us. We can provide you with detailed information about the possibilities you have when it comes to an armored vehicles based on Mercedes.