We manufacture a range of bullet proof cars for special protection. Many of our cars are ready for delivery as we always have them in stock and you can purchase them without a waiting period. In addition we also upgrade vehicles of your choice; it must be noted that not every car is fit to be transformed into a bullet proof car, it has to meet certain requirements, but if your dream car brings the needed power and construction base however, nothing is in the way of transforming it into a special protection car.

Modern technology combined with the safety of bulletproof vehicles

The armor of our cars is based on modern CAD/CAM technology. Our bullet proof cars for sale meet the highest standards in the industry and offer higher protection combined with a minimum weight addition. We develop and design our safety equipment with our in-house engineers, technicians and mechanics, so we have from the beginning the entire remodeling process in our hands and can ensure the highest quality for each step of the production.

Bullet proof vehicles made to measure

Please contact us if you need a bullet proof car that is not listed here. Weather it s a VIP vehicle or a vehicle for special transport solution, we will always provide a decent job. We are proud that our product ensures your safety.