Certified Armored Toyota LC200 VPAM VR10 (B7+)

We pay great attention to the design of our armoring as we consider quality of the design to be the base for making high-end vehicles.

With the help of two companies – KLIB 3D Echtzeit Scanner and Marquardt 3D-Fertigungsprüfung - we scan the surface of the car body and make the CAD design of the protection cell inside. This approach allows eliminating ballistic gaps and find out structural weak points already at the armour design stage.

All 3D models of the protection cells are made by our German engineering team using quality modern CAD applications, which allows eliminating ballistic gaps and structural weak points already at the design stage.

Traditional methods to design armoring schemes – making templates to cover the car body and then cut the same plates from the steel – are error prone as there's very little possibility to evaluate ballistic tightness and mechanical robustness of the construction.

The 3D model is used later on to determine the targets for shots during the tests – the only way to ensure the quality of an armored vehicle is to subject it to real ballistic and blast tests.