Germany-based Aurum Security GmbH is a market leader in the production of armored car. We use the most technologically advanced material in prototyping and manufacturing of armored civilian vehicles. The exceptional level of ballistic and blast protection VPAM VR10, bulletproof glasses which provide protection at any angle (also at 90 degrees) make us truly unique and set us apart from our competitors.

We are proud to be the first company in the world that began to produce civilian vehicles according to the protection level – VPAM VR 10. Our Toyota Land Cruiser 200and Lexus LX 570provide the highest level of security, which is the result of regular tests and trials that we put into our armored vehicles and all used materials.

· BULLET PROOF GLASS –To produce high grade glass for armored cars, we use advanced European technology. Each product thus produced corresponds to its sphere of application and meets the highest standards of quality and safety. With the necessary experience, knowledge and unique technologies, we produce glass with a variety of specifications under the brand name Aurum Glass. The bullet proof glassused in our armored cars can withstand explosives of various capacities, even 15 kg of TNT, as well as many shots from Kalashnikov automatic rifle and even against such a powerful sniper rifle as Dragunov at any angle.

· ARMOR SPECIFICATIONS – The civilian vehicles are produced according to the highest level of protection – VPAM 10. Our flagship vehicle –Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 200– has passed certification at the iABG Facility– an authoritative test center in Germany. Thecertified VR 10 vehicle provides protection from all soft core bullets and most of the armor piercing (AP) and armor piercing incendiary (API) bullets. The gross weight of the armored car is 4830 kg. It is only 200 kg heavier than the certified VR7 vehicle. We use hot-formed ballistic parts using steel variety of HB 500 & 600 HB for our armored cars.

· RUN-FLAT SYSTEM – Regardless of the condition, a security vehicle must be able to maintain mobility with one or all tires flat in order to escape danger and return the passenger to safety. Toyota Land Cruiser 200and Lexus LX 570have been equipped with heavy duty wheels with run-flat inserts. The run-flat system fully meets the requirements of FINABEL 2.0. It allows driving after puncture or blow up of the tires for the distance up to 50 km with a speed up to 80 Km/h.

All the materials used in armored German car production are selected in accordance with the client’s desired level of protection. In our company, quality forms the most vital part of all our security vehicles designs. Neglecting the procedures can cost a life to our customer. Feel free contact us to discuss your requirements. Give us a call at +49 69 348 77967 or email us at

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