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Safety comes first! Armored vehicle is a vehicle protected by an armor, bulletproof glass, a flat tire system that protects passengers in dangerous situations. Armored German Vehicles are the finest, most technologically advanced bulletproof cars. These include wide range of armored vehicles, including executive SUVs, luxury sedans, special purpose vehicles, personnel carriers, cash-in-transit vehicles, and others. To address the threats that our customers face all over the world, Aurum Security implements the best practices in technological innovation, design and quality management during the armoring process.

The following are the things that one must keep in mind while choosing an armored vehicleso as to ensure the highest level of security:

Armored Cars

From phones to robots, technology is progressing at a rapid pace. Armored cars are no different. One of the biggest challenges with an armored car is the increased weight. But, Aurum Security takes pride in providing customers with the highest possible protection level for civilian vehicles VPAM VR10 along with the minimum possible weight. Our flagship armored civilian vehicle - Toyota Land Cruiser 200 VPAM VR 10- has gross weight 4830 kg, which is only 200 kg heavier than the certified VR7 vehicle. On top of a reduced weight, our armored German cars retain their original form to blend in as seamlessly as possible.

An armored vehicle is very much required in the security, business and government industries. Therefore, armoring is not just any simple upgrade but a complete rebuild. The armoring conversions done nowadays are faster, stronger, and have a better original finish in the past years. Read on to know how the armored cars are getting better and more secure with time:

Armored cars

In the recent past, there has been a rising demand for vehicles that offer the high elusive amalgamation of luxury, security and comfort. Top executives, VIPs, and other dignitaries spend a lot of time traveling on the road, hence these features are of equal importance. Recent advancements in the design and manufacture of armored German carshave seen quite a number of features introduced that ensure the comfort and safety of top executives and offer so much more.

Elegance Meets Sophistication in Armored Toyota Land Cruiser –Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is Aurum Security's flagship vehicle. It haspassed certificationat the iABG Facility – an authoritative test center in Germany. It offers protection level of VPAM VR 10 which is generally possible for military vehicles. The vehicle is VR 10 certified and provides protection from all soft core bullets and most of the armor-piercing (AP) and armor-piercing incendiary (API) bullets, including such a dangerous weapon as armor piercing bullets of Dragunov rifle.

Personal Security Vehicles

We all hold different views and perspective for our cars. While few of us view it as a transit machine for navigating and reaching various destinations, others view it as a vital part to carry on their businesses. Regardless of the perception you have, in the present time, for many businesses and business executives, armored cars are more of a necessity than ever. For safety transit of cash or valuables, the need of security vehicles is necessary. If you live in the area of high tension where the fear of bullets always revolves while stepping out of the house, armored car is the best suitable option. Whatever your reason is, personal security vehicles can assure you the security of your life.

If the car makes your life easier, comfortable and smooth, it is your sole duty to take good care of it and surely you will receive more than what you deserve or expect from this loyal friend of yours. Below are enlisted steps on how to transform your car into a secured moving vehicle.

Armored German Cars, Armored Car

Many of us end up thinking that we don't need an armored car , think again! Terrorism is increasing across the world with each passing day. Likewise, carjacking and kidnapping are also becoming all-time high. In the present time, for many businesses and upper-class business executives, armored cars and vehicles are more of a necessity than ever. For safety transit of cash or valuables, the need of armored cars is very much required. If you live in the area of high tension, armored car is the best suitable option. Whatever your reason is, certified armored German cars always assure you the security of your life.

During the yesteryears, only high-rank government officials or wealthy billionaires enjoyed the privilege of armored cars . However, with the advent of new technologies, owning an armored car is super easy and simple. West Germany based Aurum Security is the producer of the most protected armored civilian vehicles in the world.

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With each passing day, the demand of armored vehicles is ever increasing. VIPs and celebrities now seek stylish armored cars, which can provide protection against blast or bullets. Armored vehicles are not only restricted to security companies.

The much demanded armored civilian vehicle of Aurum Security is Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 200 /Lexus LX 570 that has protection level VPAM VR 10– the highest protection level for civilian vehicles. If you are a businessman who owns an armored vehicle, you have to be aware of the do’s and don’ts to ensure you get the maximum security you seek. Below you can find a comprehensive list of what you need to be aware of when buying an armored vehicle and what you need to avoid.

LOOK AT YOUR PROTECTION NEEDS –Prior buying an armored vehicle, it is highly recommended that you should be aware of your protection needs rather than believing what is shown in the movies. You also have to think about how many passengers your vehicle needs to accommodate at a given time. If you simply need your vehicle to drive you around low risk areas, then that will determine the kind of protection package you will get. Thereafter think about what all protection features are most vital for your vehicle before signing the deal for a particular armored car.