It is not a secret that all vehicles are required to pass after-sale service and armored vehicles are not an exception.

Our staff keeps a record of each vehicle using a database that registers all necessary information during the production of the vehicle and all inspection phases, to be sure that all parts and materials are used correctly, thus making the maintenance quick and efficient.
We are committed to ensure high quality and safety/reliability of our vehicles, providing two-year warranty on our vehicles.
As a part of our commitment, with respect to our customers is to supply the quality spare parts they may require, by shipping them to customer location and performing onsite maintenance if needed.


Each vehicle coming into our premises for inspection undergoes a strict quality procedure designed by our technical experts; the vehicle information requested from our database to identify the latest service date, after that a skilled staff makes inspection to assess to the damaged parts. To make sure that the damage is not underestimated or overestimated. After that they fulfill the necessary maintenance, and then the vehicle is tested and goes back to its owner.

The service requirements during and after the vehicle’s warranty period proceed according to the general business terms and conditions and are conducted into two following directions:

  1. If major repairs are required we can provide full range of quality services, repair and/or refurbishment of our vehicles.
  2. Routine service or repair of armored vehicles in customers’ own workshops using the main Service Manual and Supplementary User Manual. Necessary spare parts and service information should be ordered from us and/or authorized car distributors in the customer’s region.


We keep spare parts on stock to ensure prompt assistance and supply to our customers. We have full automated system that classifies every part by a unique number so we can efficiently identify where to use this spare part and whether needed spare part is available or not. We deliver the following spare parts and kits which our customers may require:

  1. Multi-layered heatable ballistic glass (39-86 mm with windows lifters)
  2. Reinforced heavy duty shock absorbers and coil springs
  3. Upgraded brake components (brake pads, drums, supports, discs, etc)
  4. Heavy-duty suspension and power train components (torsions, wheel bearings, stabilizers)
  5. Fuel tank protection which prevents the fuel from exploding should a projectile hit the fuel tank
  6. Redesigned and reinforced rims, run flat inserts
  7. Special electrical components for the safety and comfort system (battery, intercom, alarm siren, battery charger, etc.)
  8. Basic spare parts packages (for the first and second year) and Premium spare parts packages (for three to four years)
  9. Preventive maintenance and service instruction manuals