Armored German Cars

In the recent past, there has been a rising demand for vehicles that offer the high elusive amalgamation of luxury, security and comfort. Top executives, VIPs, and other dignitaries spend a lot of time traveling on the road, hence these features are of equal importance. Recent advancements in the design and manufacture of armored German carshave seen quite a number of features introduced that ensure the comfort and safety of top executives and offer so much more.

Elegance Meets Sophistication in Armored Toyota Land Cruiser –Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is Aurum Security's flagship vehicle. It haspassed certificationat the iABG Facility – an authoritative test center in Germany. It offers protection level of VPAM VR 10 which is generally possible for military vehicles. The vehicle is VR 10 certified and provides protection from all soft core bullets and most of the armor-piercing (AP) and armor-piercing incendiary (API) bullets, including such a dangerous weapon as armor piercing bullets of Dragunov rifle.

Power Meets Style in Armored Lexus 570 –The Lexus 570 comes equipped with an armored protection level of VPAM 7-9 / VPAM VR 10. Today Armored Lexus is not just an SUV, but a real example of high status, comfort, and luxury vehicle. It comprises of 10 airbags which include knee airbags for driver and front passenger together with second-row side torso airbags. Other features include a multi-terrain anti-lock system which allows in short time to stop on such surfaces as sand or gravel. To negotiate off-road obstacles, it has got Crawl Control system.


BULLETPROOF GLASS –All the armored cars manufactured by Aurum Security come equipped with bulletproof glass that prevents the glass from shattering upon impact. The glass used can withstand explosives of various capacities, even 15 kg of TNT, as well as shots from any angle. The new bulletproof glass has been made using advanced European technology and they are 20% lighter than conventional bullet-proof glass. The glass meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

FLAT RUN TIRES –Along with the rise in demand of armored German cars, the demand for flat run tires to be installed in those cars has also increased. These tires, when installed in the cars, prevent the vehicle from stopping or coming to halt in the case when the tire gets burst due to the gunshot or any other reason. They keep the vehicle in motion for about 50 km with a speed up to 80 km/h so that the vehicle and its occupants reach the safe place away from the threat.

To make sure that our armored German cars perform well on every level, we only work with high-quality vehicles. Toyota Land Cruiser and Lexus 570 have proven to be a perfect choice for many clients. These armored security cars offer protection to the highest level for civilian vehicles VPAM VR10 along with the comfortable and luxurious environment.