Armored German Vehicle

Safety comes first! Armored vehicle is a vehicle protected by an armor, bulletproof glass, a flat tire system that protects passengers in dangerous situations. Armored German Vehicles are the finest, most technologically advanced bulletproof cars. These include wide range of armored vehicles, including executive SUVs, luxury sedans, special purpose vehicles, personnel carriers, cash-in-transit vehicles, and others. To address the threats that our customers face all over the world, Aurum Security implements the best practices in technological innovation, design and quality management during the armoring process.

The following are the things that one must keep in mind while choosing an armored vehicleso as to ensure the highest level of security:

The Bullet Proof Glass - The bulletproof glass is produced by the brand Aurum Glass has the ability to withstand explosives of various capacities, even 15 kg of TNT, as well as shots from any angle. Can be used in various other industries.

The Car Should Have Less Weight - The art of designing an armored vehicle. Our certified flagship vehicle VPAM VR 10 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 weighs around 4830 kg, inclusive of the blast protection. This is slightly heavier than certified. VPAM 7 TLC 200 on the market. The smaller weight of the vehicle has many advantages including increased payload, better stability and acceleration, smaller brake path and fuel consumption.

Hot Formed Ballistic Parts Are Vital - To produce pressed parts in arbitrary. The hot-forming technology thus enables the manufacturer to design components in any shape. Typical parts that are produced using hot-forming technology are firewalls, wheel arches, hatches, blast floors, and window frames. The hot-formed ballistic parts are tested in the federal Ballistic Certification Center in Munich. The parts can be designed exactly in the shape needed. In addition, the cost of stamping a ballistic part is much lower than bending and welding.

They Meet Blast & Ballistic Standards - VPAM VR 10. This level provides protection from all soft-core and most armor-piercing bullets, including even bullet B32 for the sniper rifle Dragunov. The 3D model of the vehicle and designed for the determination of the weakest points and firing angle. In order to provide extra security, the front and rear windows are made operable.

The aforementioned points should always be kept in mind by the passengers while purchasing armored German vehicle. Aurum Security is the first and only company in the world that has passed the certification of the SUVs, according to the ballistic class VPAM VR 10.