Toyota Land Cruiser evokes emotions. It symbolizes the spirit of the luxury SUV. The car is noticeably bigger and debuts Toyota's state-of-the-art engine. When it gets the protection of armoring, the features and attraction get doubled to please the eyes and minds of people.

If we talk about the most selling bulletproof SUVs, Toyota Land Cruisers comes above all. It has been in the history of a serving platform for developing bullet-proof cars. The car has long been the preference of various government officials, private security companies, VIPs, and other people working on top profiles. It is a vehicle of choice for moving across hostile environments and conflict areas.

Features and Performance of Armored Toyota Land Cruiser:

The Cruiser is just a perfect choice for mobile off-road. The style, performance, design, and features that become more advanced are practically remarkable. An armored version of the car is given modern technology, voice control, and other powerful systems that make it stand out of the crowd.

Its proportions are quite wider and the edges are software. The classic look is retained in part to the massive tires it gets after armoring. What's more, an armored Toyota Land Cruiser becomes a new SUV with more powerful suspension, independent double-wishbone, coil-sprung, robust engine, and hard-to-harm body.

Purchasing Armored Toyota Land Cruiser With Aurum Is A Good Choice!

If you have been thinking to invest your money in an Armored Toyota Land Cruiser, you would not regret making this decision. It is a preferred platform for developing bulletproof and blast-proof protection around you. The car is popular as the highly used Armored SUV of this era. We, at Aurum Security, embed a high level of protection to all areas of the car.

The armored Toyota Land Cruiseris one of our highly robust and demanding vehicles. We provide customization to deliver protection level as per the demands of our customers which remains between VPAM 7-9 and VPAM VR10. We get each armored car tested and certified by the popular German testing facility known as iABG.

The vehicle is completely tested and verified thoroughly. It passes ballistic and blasts test to deliver our clients a reliable protection level. Our car can accelerate to a speed of 140kmph which takes only a few seconds. The armoring process gives you strength and preserves the original appearance of the car. It looks like one of the premium segments. Automatic deadbolts on the rood, digital lock on the tailgate, emergency, and defrosting and demisting of the windshield are few exclusive features that you receive in your Toyota Cruiser.

We make sure that we provide added armoring solutions and give you a perfect combination of class and protection. Our vehicle ensures that you are completely safe while running on the road. Feel free to contact us for any doubt and queries. We would love to help you!