Armored Lexus

What makes an armored vehicle desirable for many influential people? What are the features that draw line between a regular vehicle and an armored vehicle?

While some armored vehicles stand out, many are meant to remain as ordinary as possible. In that case, how can you differentiate whether you are looking at an ordinary vehicle or an armored vehicle? Armored vehicles look quite similar to luxurious vehicles while driving down the highway. Here's a piece of brief information on features to help you in better understanding:

Heavy-Duty Steel Frame:

The first that comes first in the armoring is the use of ballistic-grade steel which makes the body of an armored vehicle greatly different that of a regular car. The entire frame of the armored vehicle is covered in temperature steel and applied in a way of a jigsaw puzzle with no gaps left. This remodeling adds weight while increasing the level of security. Since armoring adds more weight, the vehicle generally has modified brakes, engine components, and suspension to haul the armored vehicle. These features give a different driving experience.

Technology That Protects You:

To protect you and your passengers from episodes like a car crash, the windshield of the car is prepared with bulletproof glass. This type of glass is made by heating a vinyl sheet between two layers of glass that connect them. The vinyl layer absorbs energy and prevents the glass from breaking into small pieces.

Ballistic glass in an armored car is prepared similarly, but in a different way. The top layer of the glass is prepared with a thin and fragile sheet of glass which absorbs high energy that comes from an oncoming bullet. It spreads the force of impact on the surface of the window through cracks and fractures. Underneath this layer, a polycarbonate layer is installed to stop the bullet from penetrating the inside cabin.

Increased Driving Capabilities:

An armored car is more powerful and far different from a regular vehicle as it allows its passengers to escape any type of danger at any moment, in any environment. Whether the roads are slick or narrow or the temperature rises to the extreme, an armored vehicle lets you drive through the toughest terrain. Run-flat tires make their capability to go beyond a regular vehicle. The tires are installed to drive safely after a blowout. To offer more control, brakes and suspension systems are enhanced, which indicates a high-speed situation. You may also see armored vehicles with floor blast protections in place that give protection against roadside explosions.

An armored car is far better than a regular vehicle due to enhanced features, strength, and protection. If you want to invest rightly, we suggest you buy an armored Lexus that comes with the exclusivity of added features. To know more about armored Lexus, feel free to contact us.