Ballistic Standards

After the house, your car makes the second most important asset that belongs to you. With the expensiveness, it carries some safety-risks as well. To avoid all these risks, you need to be familiar with all safety measurements a car can have.

Increasing advanced technology in many cars has significantly lowered the rate of safety threats. If you don’t value the safety, give it a thought.

Here, the article covers information on the latest security features you should have in your car-

LoJack:This famous security feature is available in the latest range of cars. It uses a radio tracking system to locate a stolen car. LoJack car has some hidden transceivers for tracking when an outside source connects to an appropriate frequency.

The technology works better than GPS to detect the location. LoJack units are related to the VIN code. These units can be triggered after entering the VIN code into a state police crime computer.

OnStar:This system works with the help of a digital cellular network. It helps to navigate the location of your home when you find yourself lost on some country back road.

You can push the button in the car and ask for assistance at any moment of the day. An advisor helps you to reach home through turn-by-turn directions. OnStar is a three-button system accompanying different assistance.

Commando FM870:It is a basic accessory for new cars that let someone lock or unlock the doors from a long distance. The technology ensures that doors are always locked. It can also start the engine remotely from a distance of 762 meters. Forced entry or an unknown engine startup of the car can send alerts to the device through the display. The system includes an alarm that gives alertness for unauthorized vehicle access.

Armoring:This has become the most popular security feature among high-profile individuals. Armored security vehicles have two different types- ballistic standardsand blast standards- to provide safety against gunshot and bomb-blast.

Open violence on the roads has made such vehicles a necessity to provide safety against life-threatening incidents. Companies like Aurum Security have a wide range of security vehicles and provide armoring services at affordable prices.

VIN Windshield:The VIN code of a car is located on the dashboard and accessible through the windshield of the car. Hiding the vehicle’s identity from other eyes is important. However, VIN alone cannot do much for security that the vehicle could easily be sold at a chop shop after a theft.

In the process of VIN etching, you can make it difficult for someone to sell the parts of your car. VINshield- a product- applies VIN serials to all car windows. It includes stencils with your VIN code and a chemical agent to etch the identification code into the glass.

Some other security technology for the car includes Cobra 8510, Cobra Track 5, Car shield, and Viper 1002 car alarm to offer optimal safety for the car. All these security features let you drive a car safe drive.