Our VPAM VR 10 vehicle was fully tested and certified by iABG, Germany – one of the most reputable test centers of the defense industry in the world.

iABG is a close partner of Bundeswehr (German Army) and leading German manufacturers of military vehicles. They conduct ballistic and blast evaluations according to national and international standards such as VPAM BRV 1999 / 2009, STANAG 4569, VPAM ERV 2010 and have gained their reputation thanks to the level of extensity and details of the tests performed.

What distinguishes iABG from most of other certifying centers is that all the tests are conducted at the conditions that are as close to the reality as possible. They are one of very few who perform all blast tests with a Hybrid III dummy placed inside the vehicle – this is the only way how to provide a reliable answer what would happen to the occupants of the vehicle.

Apart from that, high-speed cameras are placed inside the vehicle, allowing detailed analysis of the performance of the vehicle under the blast stress.

You can find more information regarding iABG here.