Armored German Cars, Armored Car

Many of us end up thinking that we don't need an armored car , think again! Terrorism is increasing across the world with each passing day. Likewise, carjacking and kidnapping are also becoming all-time high. In the present time, for many businesses and upper-class business executives, armored cars and vehicles are more of a necessity than ever. For safety transit of cash or valuables, the need of armored cars is very much required. If you live in the area of high tension, armored car is the best suitable option. Whatever your reason is, certified armored German cars always assure you the security of your life.

During the yesteryears, only high-rank government officials or wealthy billionaires enjoyed the privilege of armored cars . However, with the advent of new technologies, owning an armored car is super easy and simple. West Germany based Aurum Security is the producer of the most protected armored civilian vehicles in the world.

How the Armoring Process Goes Ahead?

The first thing you are required to have a suitable vehicle to armor which has the capacity to withhold additional weight. You can also purchase the armored vehicle directly. Aurum Security`s Armored Toyota Land Cruiser which offers protection level of VPAM 7-9 and VPAM VR 10 is our flagship vehicle. The protection level VPAM VR10 is normally possible only for military vehicles. We managed to keep the gross weight of the armored car at 4830 kg (where the weight of the base car is 2460 kg); it is only 200 kg heavier than a typical certified VR7 vehicle and provides about 1000 kg payload.

The options of armoring the car differ from company to company, providing armoring solutions. The armor, which in most cases is robust ballistic steel, is deployed like a jigsaw puzzle all over the car and underneath without any gaps. In literal terms of armoring, glass is often referred as the Transparent Armor. Then bulletproof glasses are fitted in the vehicle. Aurum Security produces glasses for different purposes under the brand name "Aurum Glass" . Having an experience in glass production Aurum Security has developed the bullet-proof glass for its certified armored vehicle Toyota LC200/Lexus LX570 VPAM VR10 , which is 20% lighter than conventional bullet-proof glass, thus meeting the highest standards of the industry. Our bullet-proof glass provides protection against multiple shots of all soft core bullets, all wide-spread hard-core and armor-piercing bullets, including Dragunov API from any angle.