Aurum Security's vehicle VR 10 has undergone full testing and certification at iABG, – one of the most reputable test centers of the defense industry in the world, located in Germany.

Successful trials at iABG showed that vehicle made by Aurum Security can withstand most of the ballistic and blast attacks. For instance, test at iABG was imitating the case with vehicle which was driving over an anti-tank mine. Thus a typical anti-tank mine contained 6 kg of TNT, and threat was specified as STANAG 4569, level 2a.

During tests were used high-speed cameras together with dummy. The cameras with recording speed of 500 frames per second allowed registering everything what was happening inside of the vehicle on each millisecond after the blast. Thus the dummy used for the trial was equipped with sensors on all parts of the body including a sensor for pressure. The vehicle was tested with the help of dummy, not accidentally. Since only vehicles which have undergone tests using a dummy can be regarded as safe. Moreover, this allowed conducting the evaluation of the blast effects on the vehicles' occupants. You can see our trialls here.