Armored German Cars

  • Armored Cars Getting Better and More Secured with Time

    Armored Cars

    From phones to robots, technology is progressing at a rapid pace. Armored cars are no different. One of the biggest challenges with an armored car is the increased weight. But, Aurum Security takes pride in providing customers with the highest possible protection level for civilian vehicles VPAM VR10 along with the minimum possible weight. Our flagship armored civilian vehicle - Toyota Land Cruiser 200 VPAM VR 10- has gross weight 4830 kg, which is only 200 kg heavier than the certified VR7 vehicle. On top of a reduced weight, our armored German cars retain their original form to blend in as seamlessly as possible.

    An armored vehicle is very much required in the security, business and government industries. Therefore, armoring is not just any simple upgrade but a complete rebuild. The armoring conversions done nowadays are faster, stronger, and have a better original finish in the past years. Read on to know how the armored cars are getting better and more secure with time: