Each new act of terrorism that occurs in the world forces us to evaluate the technologies that we use to ensure the safety of people who trust us with their lives. That is why we carefully study the information about attacks and assaults.

At the end of 2016, one such terrorist event became the object of our professional attention, which took place in the capital of Afghanistan. The explosive device was installed on the side of the road and detonated when MP FakuriBeheshti's vehicle passed near this place. As a result of the powerful explosion, the politician was injured and his bodyguard was killed.

Terrorists are increasingly using explosives to increase the number of victims. We, in turn, improve the technology so that our armored cars could withstand the constantly growing threat. In order to guarantee our customers the highest protection level, we have certified our armored vehicles at one of the most prestigious testing centers in Germany.

We control the quality of our armored vehicles and also the quality of all the used materials. That is why we produce the bullet-proof glass by ourselves, so we can ensure that the thickness of our glass, which is 80 mm, complies with the standard VPAM VR10 and can withstand the shots even from Dragunov rifles at any possible angle. Our goal and our pride is to produce the most protected civilian vehicles in the world.

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