This is a range of certified vehicles that we produce at the moment. We always have a selection of vehicles in stock ready for delivery; they meet the highest safety standard and provide maximum protection. If you are looking for a car that is currently not listed on our stock list, please contact us. We will give you information about delivery times and are happy to discuss special fittings. Of course we can armor any vehicle to any level of protection, provided that the chassis, the engine, the suspension etc. of the base vehicle are capable of carrying the additional weight.

Armored vehicles for sale - Trust the professional

We have years of experience within the field of special-protection vehicles. The areas of development and construction are part of our expertise so we can offer armored vehicles that meet the highest standard at all levels. Our certified vehicles are used worldwide and have been able to prove their strength in crisis situations several times.

Armoring design of all our protected vehicles is created using modern CAD /CAM applications; that allows achieving smaller weight of armor while ensuring mechanical integrity and ballistic tightness of the armor cocoon.

Armored cars for military and civil use

There are various reasons to use an armored vehicle. In the military use the vehicles are often in war zones and are always exposed to the risk of an attack. For civilian use, it may be an armored minibus that is transporting valuable asset. In both cases it is always about first-class passenger protection.

We use latest technologies and state-of-the-art material to obtain outstanding results; our vehicles have been tested under extreme conditions in reputable laboratories – this guarantees the maximum level of protection for people and cargo.

Armored cars for sale for every need

Each customer has different demands on our vehicles, therefore we conduct a quality selection of car types that are suitable for diverse areas. Armored SUVs are just as much in our range as armored minibuses. We see great importance in the fact that an armored car is not only safe but also comfortable and efficient. Check out our armored vehicles for sale and opt for one of the best all-wheel-protected civilian armored vehicles in the world!

Please contact us if you have a need to armor a vehicle which is not listed here. No matter if it is a VIP vehicle or a vehicle for special missions, we always provide accurate work we can be proud of.