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A full-size luxury sport utility vehicle – Lexus 570 can be armored by Aurum Security to the VPAM 7-9 / VPAM VR 10 protection level. Aurum Security's certified Armored Lexus 570 is a fully modernized car, both inside and outside. Today Armored Lexus is not just a SUV, but a real example of high status, comfort and luxury vehicle.

In spite of being armored Lexus 570 has the capacity to give a seat to eight passengers, which provides a good perspective to move in places of high risk for the whole delegation. Moreover, Lexus 570 has 10 airbags which includes knee airbags for driver and front passenger together with second row side torso airbags.

Other performance features include a multi-terrain anti-lock system which allows in short time to stop on such surfaces as sand or gravel and a Crawl Control system which can negotiate off-road obstacles.

This protection level is normally possible only for military vehicles, yet our vehicles retain comfort and inconspicuous look of civil SUVs. Please refer to the ballistic and blast protection charts for more details.

Attention! Beware of fakes - if you are not sure if the vehicle being offered to you by a third party has been produced by Aurum Security please send us the VIN code of the vehicle and we will double check that for you.

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Ballistic protection:

  • Opaque areas including the roof  provide protection according to VPAM APR 2006, level 10 / Stanag 3–. That includes all soft core bullets 5.56, 7.62 and 9 mm and all wide-spread hard-core and armor-piercing bullets: 7.62×39 (BZ) Kalashnikov API, 7.62×51 (P80) AP, and 7.62×54 (B32) Dragunov API, from any angle (not only 45° or 90° as per BRV 1999)
  • All transparent areas have thickness 80 mm and provide protection according to VPAM APR 2006, level 10 / Stanag 3–. That includes multiple shots of all soft core bullets 5.56, 7.62 and 9 mm and all wide-spread hard-core and armor-piercing bullets: 7.62×39 (Kalashnikov BZ), 7.62×51 (P80) AP, and 7.62×54 (B32) Dragunov  API, from any angle (including 90°)

Blast resistance:

  • 15 kg TNT at 2 m distance from the side of the vehicle, elevation 1 m
  • 3 × DM51 grenades under the floor
  • 3 × DM51 grenades on the roof
  • DM31 (anti-personnel mine) under the floor 
  • Anti-tank mine (6 kg TNT) under the wheel (Stanag 2a) [optionally]


  • Hinges milled from a single piece of steel
  • Single plate armoring of the doors
  • Reinforced door frames
  • Single piece hot-formed firewall
  • The A/C system remain fully functional


To maintain driving dynamics and maneuverability of the vehicle we replace the OEM suspension with the one specifically designed to cope with the increased weight of the vehicle:

  • 2 x Front Springs
  • 2 x Front Mono-tube Damper Assemblies with Remote Reservoir
  • 2 x Rear Spring
  • 2 x Rear Mono-tube Damper Assemblies with Direct Mount, Stone Strike Protected, Reservoirs
  • Front & Rear Anti-Roll Bar Assemblies


  • 2 x Front 6-Piston Forged Monobloc Caliper
  • 2 x sets of High temperature Ceramic pads
  • 4 x Heavy weight front and rear grooved discs
  • 4 x Stainless steel hoses
  • 2 x Rear 4-Piston Caliper


Heavy duty wheels "18" with run-flat inserts, loading capacity 1.600 kg per wheel, certified by German TÜV. Our run-flat system fully meets the requirements of FINABEL 2.0. It allows driving after puncture or blow up of the tires for the distance up to 50 km with a speed up to 80 Km/h.


  • All windows can be made operable 
  • Radiator protection
  • Full protection of engine compartment
  • Police siren, communication equipment, winch, etc.


Armored Lexus

Lexus is a synonym for premium cars. Luxury and comfort are combined with a powerful engine and modern technology - this provides us with a perfect base to build a high class security vehicle. You do not have to sacrifice comfort and luxury for a safe armored vehicle.

We are experienced in working with these cars and our armored Lexus is one of the brightest stars in our range. Clients from all over the world enjoy the unique interior in its protected shell.

Best quality in every aspect

To ensure that our cars do perform best on every level we only work with high quality vehicles. Lexus has proven to be a perfect choice for many clients. The design and manufacturing of the remodeling is done completely by our in-house team. We are able to monitor the entire process and can ensure that everything is being done to the highest standard.

Armored Lexus ready to buy

We always have a range of remodeled cars in our stock list. Please contact us if the vehicle of your choice is not listed. You can choose to provide us with your private car or we find the right car for you. It is important to notice that a car has to fulfill certain criteria to qualify for remodeling.

Years of experience and the use of modern technology and high quality material allows us to build security cars that offer protection on the highest level. In combination with a Lexus model we can assure you that this security is provided in a comfortable and luxurious environment.