Armored Lexus

Few cars invoke a sense of majesty and power along with giving you the feel of sports utility vehicle. On such is Armored Lexus 570. Coming with sharp edged front and back lights, this car has its own aesthetical charisma which appears to be more aggressive than previous Lexus models.

Aurum Security's certified Armored Lexus 570 VPAM VR 10 is a full modernized car. Armored Lexus is simply not an SUV but a real example of a high status, comfort and luxury vehicle. This luxurious monster comes loaded with a list of safety features that make a business choice for business executives, moguls and politicians.

Safety First - The LX 570 comes with VPAM VR 10 protection level. This means that multiple shots of all soft-core bullets, all of the wide-spread hard-core and armor-piercing bullets and Dragunov API will cause no damage regardless of whichever angle it is shot. All the opaque areas including the roof provide protection according to VPAM APR 2006, level 10 / Stanag 3.

Tires and Hinges - 18 "with run-flat inserts. This run-flat system allows driving after the puncture or blow up of the tires for the distance up to 50 km with a speed up to 80 km / h. The hinges are milled from a single piece of steel that can hold the doors during a significant blast.

Bulletproof Glass - The bulletproof glass is manufactured under the brand Aurum Glass, which is used in the armored vehicle. The VPAM VR10 provides protection against explosions (15kg of TNT at a distance of 2 meters) and resistance to wide-spread bullets (at any angle, including 90 degrees).

Armored Lexus is a synonym of premium cars! It carries with it the perfect blend of luxury and comfort along with safety and modern technology. You do not have to sacrifice comfort and luxury for a safe armored vehicle. The bold demeanor and the helpful safety features make Armored Lexus 570 VPAM VR 10 the definitive SUV for VIP transportation. It always ensures the best comfort, class and safety for its occupants.