Armored Lexus

Lexus 570 is the most preferred armored vehicle among politicians, diplomats, government officials and businessmen. This luxury SUV has the perfect blend of spaciousness, ruggedness, luxury and power. The car lets you enjoy the highest protection in association with the powerful engine and modern technology. The incredibly smooth yet powerful high-class security vehicle is better equipped to tackle off-road obstacles.

Apart from the luxury and comfort, armored Lexus 570 VPAM VR 10 offers the utmost protection to the passengers and driver. There are other things too, that will make you fall in love with Lexus. These are:

Ballistic Protection – This personal security vehicle has been armored according to the VPAM VR 10 protection level. This protection level was earlier possible only for military vehicles. This ballistic level provides protection all soft-core and most armor-piercing bullets including bullet B32 fired from the sniper rifle Dragunov.

Bullet Proof Glass – The glasses produce under the brand Aurum Glass can withstand even armor piercing bullets of Kalashnikov rifle and are capable enough to withstand even machine gunfire, not only 3 shots as required by the standard. The armored Lexus with bullet proof glass can withstand explosives of various capacities as well as shots from any angle.

Fuel Efficient – One of the biggest worries that you might have at the back of your mind when it comes to using an armored vehicle is the fact that the expenses of fuel might burn a hole in your pocket. Well, armored Lexus guarantees fuel efficiency. You can take it to any place without getting worried about the need to refuel every now and then. Fuel consumption is as follows: 30.0 l/100km (combined), 32.0 l/100km (urban) and 26.0 l/100km (extra-urban).

Other Safety Features – This fully modernized armored German vehicle comes equipped with a multi-terrain anti-lock system, which enables the vehicle to stop on sand and gravel surfaces in seconds. It also features a Crawl Control system which helps you to adjust your driving conditions or acceleration power when you drive on rough terrains. Moreover, armored Lexus vehicle is customized with run flat tires, reinforced door hinges, explosion mitigating floor and several other standard protective features as per your requirements.

With certified armored Lexus 570 VPAM VR 10, the complete vehicle has undergone live ballistic and blast tests. At Aurum Security, we make sure that you get the highest quality armored vehicle that provides you ultimate safety wherever you go. Our armored vehicles are tested and certified by iABG, one of the most reputable testing facility in the world.