Armored Toyota Land Cruiser

When thinking about an armored vehicle with the highest level of protection, people often imagine a rolling fortress tank. With advancements in weapons and ammunition and increasing violence across the world, it has become a necessity to use the most protected armored car for your transit. Today, it does not matter, whether you are a businessman, government executive or a professional, you need an armored vehicle if you are living in a conflict zone or work in a high-risk profile. However, it is vital to understand that not all armored vehicles are created equal. There are different protection levels which offer different ballistic and blast protection.

The level of safety that you will get as a passenger in your armored vehicle depends on various factors, including the company that manufactured your vehicle, VPAM level, safety features you asked them to include, and your budget.

The Most Protected Armored Vehicles

Aurum Security's Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 200 VPAM 10 provides protection level which was earlier possible only for military vehicles. It is designed with anti-blast shield and floor to defeat high powered rifles and machine guns as well as TNT and grenade blasts. The hot-formed armored parts used in this vehicle increase the protection power of armored Toyota Land Cruiser 200 and can successfully withstand the threats mentioned above in the VPAM 10 section. With bulletproof glass, hot-formed armors, protected engine and brake systems, and heavy-duty run-flat tires, armored Toyota LC200 is the strongest vehicle on the market. Furthermore, it is tested and certified by the world's top testing facility, iABG based in Germany.

Armored Lexus570 VPAM VR 10 is another highly protected armored SUV with the same comfort and look of its base vehicle but offers ballistic and blast protection like military vehicles. Know more about its features here.


Not all armored vehicles are designed and manufactured equal. You won't get protection from blasts in an armored car with VPAM 5 certification, but an armored car with VPAM 10 level protection would protect from almost all types of bullets plus blasts. If your safety is of utmost importance to you, get an Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 200 with VPAM 10 protection level.

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