Armored Lexus

Are you planning to buy an armored vehicle for personal use? We understand the world is not safe anymore and it is risky to travel from one place to another. If you are a VIP person, celebrity, professional athlete, government official or just an executive, armored vehicles are essential for your personal safety, especially if you are living in a place known for organized crimes, terror attacks, and violence. Therefore, it become necessary for you to understand more about armored cars and how safe you will be in a VPAM VR 10 protection level vehicle.

Understanding VPAM VR 10

It is the latest European standard for armored vehicles. VPAM has replaced the old classification system used in the armored industry – B1-B7. VPAM VR 10 is the next level after B7. “VR” means Vehicle Resistance, i.e. the complete vehicle was certified. Only the certification, during which the whole vehicle is subjected to ballistic and blast tests, gives guarantee that the vehicle is really secure.

How Protected You Are Inside Our Armored Lexus

At Aurum Security, we offer Armored Lexus 570 with VPAM VR 10 protection level. We convert the existing Lexus models into ultimate armored protection. This vehicle can withstand many shots from Kalashnikov and Dragunov sniper rifles. For instance, when armor-piercing bullets are shot at B6 armored vehicles, they come out from the other side. Armored Lexus VPAM 10 can take these shots even at 90 degrees and do not allow them to penetrate the armor body and bullet-proof glasses. This means passengers are highly protected inside armored Lexus LX570 VPAM VR10 (B7+).

To support the added weight due to armored parts and bulletproof glass, we have equipped this vehicle with modified brakes and suspension components for better hauling. This vehicle can reach 100km/h within 12 seconds only. The glasses provide protection of up to +49 degree Celsius. Despite installing armored body parts and heavy glasses (the thickness of which is 80mm), our armored vehicles have a curb weight of approximately 4900kg only.

Armored Lexus has a secretive look, which allows it to blend with other civilian SUVs. Because of its discreet features, you can travel in comfort and safety, without attracting anybody's attention.

Top civilian vehicles that guarantee maximum protection

Armored Lexus 570 –This is our armored civilian SUV which offers military level protection. With a luxurious interior and armored body, this vehicle will provide you the protection you need.

Armored Toyota Land Cruiser –This another armored vehicle with VPAM VR 10 protection level. It provides you the highest protection level among civilian vehicles.


When it comes to personal safety while traveling, armored vehicles with VPAM VR 10 protection level is the best option to go with. These armored beasts are not just for celebrities and VIP persons. Aurum Security has made it affordable for civilians to buy our armored Lexus 570 and armored Toyota LC200 with top protection for civilian vehicles. You can bring your own Lexus to get it armored by our engineers or we can provide you fully armored vehicle according to your specifications. Contact us today to discuss your needs.