Armored Lexus

Don’t know what an armored vehicle is? No worries! We’ll get you a short and informative overview!

An armored vehicle has a reinforced structure that is designed to give protection from many severe attacks. From high profile individuals to normal civilians, many people prioritize their safety and prefer an armored vehicle. Now, if you have a luxurious car like Lexus 570, you can armor it to drive safely from one place to another. Below is a short overview of things your car can do when you armor it through an agency like Aurum Security:

Protection Against Ballistic Threat:

Traveling on roads has become quite risky due to an increase in community riots or terrorist attacks. Your armored Lexus LX570 VPAM VR10 gives you the highest protection for civilian vehicles against ballistic threat.

Protection Against Bomb Blasts:

You cannot ensure your safety when your vehicle is running on some blast-prone areas. If you are high-profile individual with Lexus who have to visit different states, you must go in armored Lexus VPAM VR10 only. The vehicle will keep you safe from anti-tank mine blasts and IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) – side blast 15 kg TNT from 2 meters.

Aurum Security is a Germany-based and ISO certified company engaged in prototyping and manufacturing of armored vehicles for military and civilian use. Since a long time, the company has been providing safety to the top officials every year. Aurum Security uses high-quality materials to create a safeguard on your car and life as well. No need to go further. Contact Aurum Security to armor your Lexus today!