Ballistic Standards

An armored car is not just limited to the passenger’s compartment with transparent glass and the vehicle’s body with different ballistic standards. Armoring is a lot more than just giving protection through bulletproof glass, heavy-duty and run-flat tires, extra engine protection, and armored fuel tank. If you are thinking to get an armored car, you can simply ask for enhanced protection upgrades available in the armoring process. It will provide you the best protection of an ideal armored vehicle.

Under Belly Blast Protection: The upgrade is provided to enhance the protection against any type of explosive device. The occupant inside the armored vehicle is completely safe while riding on the road.

Easy-to-Operate Window: These days, armoring gives you the freedom to choose operability for the windows. Based on the clients’ requirements, armoring companies make the windows operable to provide the required protection. The option of an operable window is relatively fast and easy-to-use at the same time. If you want driver’s windows operable or you want front windows operable, you are free to go with your choice.

Brake System and Suspension Upgrade: When you upgrade protection, you add weight to the vehicle and so you need to improve the brakes to compensate for the overall structure. OEM brake pads, disc, and rotor are used to increase braking ability and increase control on stopping of the car. Similarly, the upgraded suspension gives more control to the car and makes driving safe and more comfortable.

Heavy Duty Hinges: You need to add more weight to hinges to protect them from being broken or torn down. They fasten the doors and windows and restrict unwanted entry to the room. Heavy-duty hinges are good enough to hold the doors and windows containing the weight of hundreds of pounds.

All these upgrades provide 360-degree protection from any insurgency on the road. Nothing is more invaluable than your life. So, don’t take your safety for granted and invest in the best armored vehicle.

At Aurum Security, we have an extensive range of highly demanding armored vehicles of the country. We have vehicles of all blast and ballistic standards along with the customization facility for the upgrades mentioned above. You can contact our team to inquire more about the vehicles, armoring process, offerings, and much more. Contact us, today!