Armored Lexus

The process of change or transformation in the automobile industry is ongoing; however, the automotive designs have made drastic uprisings, touching every possible aspect of a car. From the shape to the look, everything is rapidly changing and allowing people to drive the era’s most scientific vehicle. Here’s the list of top trends of the automotive industry you must know.

Virtual Assistance:

The newest cars of the era will provide you Virtual Personal Assistant to help you in search of hotels, gas stations, restaurants, and other things. You would be able to know the distance between you and the things you are searching for. This will help you manage a lot of things. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, the VPA or Virtual Personal Assistant will instruct drivers through its speech-to-command technology and would dramatically help drivers with various vehicle-centric tasks. It would respond to everything in the car where a smartphone fails. The VPA will sense the issue and will send a request for help in case of an emergency.

Augmented Reality Dashboard:

This would be a surprising technology that anyone could ever think about. The dashboard of GPS technology would take the current dashboard to a whole new level. The technology is principally a layer of data over reality. The Augmented Reality Dashboard will help people who find it difficult to use GPS technology or to read maps. It will help them by delivering navigation with no requirement of distance, orientation, or angles. Many automotive manufacturers are doing experiments with this technology to make driving easier than ever. Right now, we can only imagine the convenience the technology would offer after a few upgrades.

Bulletproof Vehicle:

When we think about safety in vehicles, the most important things that strike our mind are the anti-lock brakes and airbags. However, automotive safety is far more than these two.

Besides, automotive trends have gone far away from autonomous vehicles or electric cars. Keeping automotive autonomy aside, the next biggie people are talking about is bulletproof vehicles or armored cars. According to a recent report of CNBC, the number of armored vehicles in 2018 grew by up to 35% than it was in 2014. These vehicles are very popular to survive in the worst kind of violence.

For instance, an armored Lexus 570 manufactured by Aurum Security with VPAM 7/9 or VPAM VR 10 protection levels and is a fully modernized car to meet the luxurious needs. With an armored Lexus, you drive with safety, comfort, and luxury. The car can be moved to an area of high risks of mutilations. This exclusive version of the armored vehicle keeps Lexus moving with no risks of danger to the occupant. Anyone living in a dangerous area or someone who prioritizes safety should definitely get this car from Aurum Security. The lavishly armored car lets you escape in style.

Other trends that you will find in automotive designs could be noticed in the body material, LED and OLED technology, wheels, rear taillight bar, split rear pillars, and floating roof.

So, now when you know the latest trends in the auto industry, you can go ahead and purchase a high-tech vehicle or armored car for your convenience and utmost safety.