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Armored Vehicle Manufacturer

Do you know 1.2 billion armored vehicles are on roads now, which is expected to increase to 2 billion by 2035? That's a huge number, right? Armored vehicles at first glance look quite similar to normal cars, but Toyota LC200/Lexus LX570 VPAM VR10 vehicles have the protection level of military ones and provide the comfort and look of a civilian car.





Top armored vehicle manufacturers design vehicles with strong capabilities, protection, and technologies to beat threats and damages from external sources like firing, explosives, and armor-piercing bullets. They are safe and secure and can withstand extreme condition. Here is what makes armored vehicles more secure than normal cars:

1. Ballistic Armor Parts

Aurum Security, the armored vehicle manufacturer in the world known to produce the most protected civilian vehicles, uses Ultra High Hardness (UHH) steel for producing armored parts. The UHH alloy steel is known to break the projectile core of armor-piercing bullets and provide effective protection to the passengers inside the car. The UHH steel has an impressive deformation capability and resistance to multiple impacts.

Hot-formed ballistic parts show higher impact strength, tight tolerance, and better blast and ballistic resistance. But what is hot forming technology? Hot forming is a time and temperature dependent process. In this method, parts are formed in high temperatures and then quenched using a tool to form the desired shape. Automotive parts formed by hot forming method shows high strength, complex geometries, and minimized sprinback effects.

Here is the ballistic protection that our VPAM VR 10 armored vehicles (Toyota Land Cruiser and Armored Lexus) provide:

2. Bulletproof Glass

Armored vehicles are retrofitted with bulletproof glass. This glass material is constructed by combining one or more polycarbonate materials and glass. Our bulletproof glass can withstand high temperature and force and resistance to most hard-core, soft-core and armor-piercing bullets.

3. Run Flat Tires

Run flat tires are also called safety rollers. They are custom designed specifically for your chosen vehicle. They can provide continuous mobility for about 50 km even if the tires are blown-out in a blast or bullet attack. There are ram bumpers that can be used as a roadblock by the driver to push any vehicle in case of an emergency.

4. Vehicle Extras

Our armored vehicles have modified brakes and heavy duty suspension systems. The doors have auto-lock features. Despite being made of heavy bulletproof glass (the thickness of which is 80 mm), all windows can open or close in 2.5 seconds only.

At Aurum Security, we understand the importance of security and safety in today's violent and hostile environment. That's why, we design and manufacture armored vehicles with VPAM VR 10 protection level, which was earlier possible only for military vehicles. We manufacture armored vehicles VPAM VR10 that can:

• Withstand 15 kg TNT blast from a distance of 2 m

• Withstand 3 × DM51 grenades under the floor and 3 × DM51 grenades on the roof

• Withstand bullets of Kalashnikov BZ and Dragunov rifles

• And not to mention protection from all types of soft-core and most armor-piercing bullets from any angle

Check out our top two armored vehicles:

1. Toyota Land Cruiser 200 VPAM 7/9 or VPAM VR10

2. Armored Lexus 570 VPAM 7/9 VPAM 7/9 or VPAM VR 10

If you are planning to invest in an armored vehicle, contact Aurum Security.