Armored Vehicle

You won’t believe but armored vehicle fascinates a lot of people who think of safety a priority. Increasing popularity of armored vehicles has given many people the thought of creating safeguard on their cars and lives. No matter you live in a safe or a violence prone area, you need to armor your car. If you have not thought about protecting your car yet, you must do it. Below is a set of facts to improve your knowledge-base about an armored vehicle.

The first armored vehicle was introduced in 1485:

It was a turtle-shaped vehicle protected by cannons mounted. It was designed to provide complete 360-degree protection to cover from any violent activity. Though it was an armored vehicle, it did not become very popular due to many flaws. It was considered useless for any war.

An Armored Vehicle Is As Heavy As A Mini Whale:

Armoring process adds weight to your vehicle. Weight is one of the main components that restrict armoring for any kind of vehicle. Means, if you have a light-weight vehicle, you may not be eligible for armoring the vehicle. Only suitably heavy vehicle are used for armoring.

The material is generally the armored steel reshaped by hot-forming process. The lining, tyres, and other parts are made thicker to increase tolerance against most of attacks.

You Are Safe In the Car from Your Head to Toe:

Fire-proof fuel tank, bulletproof glass, run flat tyres, bulletproof windshields, blast proof carpet, hot-formed ballistic parts, and other advanced features provide complete protection. Either for a bomb or other such attack, you are safe from head to toe. However, the level of ballistic and blast standard may vary as per the need of your protection. You can contact us and get detailed information about all standards of safety provided for dissimilar kinds of vehicles.

The Cost Of Armoring Or Buying An Armored Vehicle May Vary:

If you think that all safety standards to armor a vehicle or all armored vehicles are available at the same price range, then you are wrong. If you want ultra-modern life-saving armored vehicle, you may have to increase your budget. Besides, if you require basic safety from small attacks on the roads or gun firing, you can ask Aurum Security to tell you about the most affordable armoring solution.

Armored Cars Are Increasingly Becoming Popular:

Increasing number of international perils, kidnapping, terrorism, and other violent attacks have made it important for people moving in an armored car. This has made these vehicles gain more prominence these days. Moving in an armored car does not only save the day but also pave the method to a safe future. Armoring, today, is no longer limited to the army only. Civilians too have right to get the vehicle for safeguarding their lives.

It Doesn’t Affect The Style And Appearance Of Your Car:

If you think that armoring would change your car’s appearance, you are wrong. Armoring does not impact the style and appearance. Base vehicle and armored vehicle look almost the same. Don’t worry; it’s not easily noticeable to others. So, if you are thinking to armor your car, you have made a right choice and taken a positive initiative to save the lives of your loved ones.