Armored Car

We know that the tires of a car are the backbone to offer stability, support, and uniformity. Well, the tires do more than just supporting vehicle load, braking force, and transmitting traction, following the steering to the road surface. These wheels are involved in many other significant tasks of absorbing road shocks, maintaining direction, providing a great driving experience, etc.

Standard tires are made of resilient rubber and compressed air. The inner tube with the combination of carcass manages proper air pressure, balances high-pressure, and maintains carload. Thick rubber that meets the road helps in the condition of exterior damage.

Today, a variety of tires with more complex functions and performance are available on the market. However, they cannot provide safety like run-flat tires. These tires are very popular these days and mainly used for an armored car or a security vehicle. In this blog-post, we would be covering crucial information on run-flat tires that provide an extreme level of safety.

A Few Basic Principles That Drive a Run-Flat Tires (RFT):

Before we go to properties of RFTs, let’s take a look at some fundamental principles that make them run on the road surface smoothly. RFT can only be used for cars that have wheel air pressure sensors to diagnose the problem. In case of low air pressure, inflate the tires to reduce the risks of permanent damage. Always opt for a replacement of a punctured tire; repair can reduce its strength. Though a punctured RFT can run on the road with an average speed of 90 km/h for 80 kilometers, the advantage of full potential may vary. All these principles of the tires add value to an armored car. There are two main types of run-flat tires used in security vehicles:

  • Self-supporting RFT
  • Auxiliary supported tires

What are the exceptional benefits of run-flat tires?

Both the above-mentioned tires come with a set of advantages that make then better than conventional tires used commonly in automobiles.

  • Continued mobility is the best feature of an RFT. The tires have rigid sidewalls that allow maintaining the balance and load of the car in conditions of piecing or puncture.
  • Highways are troublesome and unsafe to change a punctured tire. Run-flat tires even with a puncture can go a couple of kilometers at a decent speed. Also, it saves the boot space.
  • Even after the sudden loss of air pressure, there is no need to be worried about safety. The tire provides great staying power to give full control of the vehicle.
  • Even with extra reign, the tires do not influence the mileage. The car would run the same way.

Undoubtedly, run-flat tires are good choice consumers who care about safe and trouble-free driving on the road. All these features make RFTs powerful and a perfect choice for armored vehicles. If your car has a tire pressure monitoring system, you are free to install these robust and durable tires in your car. You cannot combine an RFT with a standard tire. Doing this may get you in trouble. Contact us to know more about RFTs and their use in armored cars.